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We have known Mike and his family for over 10 years. Mike is an honest, hard working guy who has always gone beyond what has been expected in my business dealings with him. He is a good guy with a lot of talents.

Bruce Davis

I've known Mike for a number of years now. I've owned properties on Marco Island since 2003. I was using a service that I was quite happy with until the owner retired and sold his business. That's when I met Mike.

The immediate impact of working with Mike was the cost savings. Not in fees, but with things like electricity, water etc.. in some cases 1/2 of what I was previously paying. It was a testament to how on top of things Mike is and his knowledge of maintaining a property in the most cost-effective manner.

I do a lot of property investments and have some experience with the inspection and general contractors industry. It's a simple fact that Mikes experience as a home inspector elevates him above those that are simply walking through your property looking for things that anyone can take note of. With Mike, you have the added protection of addressing potential issues BEFORE they are issues, not after during a scheduled walkthrough.

Another great thing about Mike has been his accessibility. Always responds to communications quickly which is key to a trusting and successful relationship.

You would honestly be in the best hands using Mike's services. Anything else would truly be a downgrade.


Our Marco home is vacant most of the year also.

Always plan to head down for the winter, but hasn't happened just yet!

With regards to Mike and his company, I truly couldn't say enough good things about him and what he's meant to my wife and I.

We've owned since 2003, had another company that we were more than pleased with until he retired and sold the company. Wasn't going well after that and a number of years ago I started the search for someone else and was so incredibly fortunate to have met Mike.

My operating costs dropped considerably and the bonus of having someone that also does home inspections is truly such a positive, as Mike knows exactly what to look for, can assess issues before they arise and save you time , money and worry. You'd honestly be doing yourself a disservice not using Mike.


American Home Inspection Services

We smelled the problem the moment we opened the door, what a mess, what an expense... we will never leave without a home watch again!

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